Constantin junior was born on the 9th of September, 1987 at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton Alberta. It wasn’t long after experiencing a few years of Downtown life for his hard working Romanian refugee parents Costello & Maria, to decide a single family hobby farm style acreage property in rural Parkland County was a safer place for family living. This countryside setting is where little Constantin learned farm living work ethic, and three languages.
Mr. and Mrs. Zanoaga earned their way from nothing, to owning investment real estate and a small business in the health & wellness industry. This provided an environment where their son Constantin could gain valuable hands on real estate and business investment knowledge at a young age along with an early introduction to comprehensive negotiations, and strategic profit oriented business plan objectives. And so to efficiently monetize his human capital as an adult, a service career in agency representation and facilitation was formed.
Conclusively, knowledge and experience commissions Constantin jr. to competently broker sales, acquisition, leases, mergers, and partnerships of business goals efficiently and in conjunction with the golden rule philosophy. Rendering Mr. Zanoaga more than just a realtor, but rather a strategic investment consultant, licensed to practice in Alberta and B.C’s commercial real estate markets. | educate • facilitate • negotiate